About Innovelec

We combine our in-depth knowledge and industry experience to provide a solution for your project. To supply such innovative technology is one thing but we go much further providing the best support possible both commercially and technically. We endorse a ‘right first time’ policy which ensures your product exceeds performance and time-to-market targets.

With 80-percent of its sales in the UK, but also covering Europe for a number of our suppliers, the company is providing strategic technology, design, integration and manufacturing services to its customers, whilst providing highly valuable customer and market intelligence to its suppliers.

The company has become its customers’ strategist and device and systems supply channel, by providing disruptive technology platforms to customers. This ensures the development of the next generation products faster and more cost effectively than previously possible.

Expertise in key market segments, in respect of market and technology developments, is a key attribute of the business model Innovelec operates. This allows the company to become an extension of the suppliers’ organisation, which is essential in respect of understanding future roadmaps and product technologies, which it then transfers to its customers’ product strategies. Suppliers come to us because they need an organisation that can develop their business in our region. They need a dedicated and loyal partner. They need us to take new products to market quickly and effectively and have technical competence to support their products 

Independent of restrictions imposed on distribution conglomerates, the company’s network of third-party contractors also provides design, prototyping and manufacture through to delivery and so completing the channel partnership cycle.

We offer our customers a wide range of services that support their next generation product plans. Innovelec provide market and technical expertise that allow us to pinpoint the subsystems necessary for their product developments. Often customers are unaware of the technology solutions that can take their products forward one or two generations and that is where our relationships have really proved their worth! ‘Right first time’ and ‘optimal performance first time’ are part of our ethos (schematics and PCB layout reviews are all part of the service).

The ability to closely integrate with partner companies has allowed Innovelec to develop long-term relationships with its suppliers. It is a privileged position and its specialist approach to targeted technologies ensures that Innovelec has access to supplier product planning, gaining an advantage when developing customer plans and new sales opportunities.

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