Cost Effective User Friendly 3D Mobile Scanning Kit from Emlid and Pix4D

Cost Effective High-precision 3D Models in Minutes

Pix4D Emlid Scanning Kit Solution is a cutting-edge technology that combines advanced photogrammetry and LIDAR with RTK precision, enabling users to capture precise 3D digital models in minutes.

Pix4D and Emlid Users are already benefiting from:

Reduced Surveying Costs

Increased Productivity

Improved Data Accuracy

Enhanced Data Quality

How it Works

Use the Pix4Dcatch app to capture images using your smartphone camera and LiDAR.

The Reach RX provides real-time positioning via NTRIP, allowing you to geotag your images with centimeter accuracy.

Upload your images to PIX4Dcloud or import them to the PIX4Dmatic desktop app using the PIX4Dcatch processing template.

Merge terrestrial and drone data to create a comprehensive digital model.



Complete Cost Saving Kit from £3990

The Pix4D Emlid Scanning Kit Solution is suitable for various industries that require accurate data capture and digital modelling. These industries include: construction, emergency services, infrastructure, surveying, mining, forestry, agriculture, environmental monitoring and urban planning.

About Pix4D

Pix4D is a Swiss software company that specializes in photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms to transform images into 3D maps and models.

About Emlid

Emlid offer professional Multi-band GNSS (GPS) Receivers with CM Accuracy. Designed for Surveying, Mapping and Navigation as well as many other applications.

Emlid products are designed to work out of the box and are suitable for users who are experienced and beginners. Reach receivers are used for RTK and PPK in such industries as land surveying, precise agriculture, bathymetry, machinery guidance, drone mapping, archaeology, and much more.

For a comprehensive look at Emlid’s abilities please visit our dedicated website:

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