Emlid Launches their New Reach RS2+ with LTE

Following on from the success of their leading Reach RS2 which launched in 2019, Emlid are excited to announce the new Emlid GNSS receiver—the Reach RS2+! If you survey using 4G networks, the Reach RS2+ with an LTE modem is a go-to solution for your job. It’s the evolution of our flagship Reach RS2 receiver. Let’s take a quick look at the new features of the Reach RS2+.

Reach RS2+ with LTE Modem

LTE modem

The Reach RS2+ comes with a power-efficient LTE modem, ensuring connectivity in all modern networks while staying backward compatible with 3G and 2G.

Dual LTE antennas

The new receiver features dual diversity LTE antennas for improved cellular reception on the edge of networks or in adverse conditions.

Design improvements

Providing all the features users have become accustomed to with the Reach RS2, while giving users an enhanced experience.

Emlid have made many design improvements to the Reach RS2+. Making it  even better protected from shocks and harsh weather conditions.

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