Emlid Tutorial - Basics - Placing GCPs in RTK mode

Video guide

This tutorial will show how to place GCPs with Reach units.

Text guide

Configure RTK

If you have 2 Reach RS2, this video will guide you on how to set them up in RTK:

If you have 2 Reach RS/RS+, configure RTK by following “Base and rover setup” video guide:

If you have just one Reach receiver, you need to connect it to NTRIP first. Check this guide for more details

Create a project

Create a project in ReachView Survey tool by following “Creating New Project” guide.

Fix target

Put your pole in the center of the target.

Level your pole using a bubble level.

Collect point

In ReachView Survey tool press the Collect button and save your GCP. Repeat the procedure for as many GCPs as you need.


  • Specify the GCPs data format which your GIS or photogrammetry software can handle
  • Export your project file in one of the suitable formats
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