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Centimeter Accuracy is Achievable

Until recently, owning GPS / GNSS equipment for surveying, agriculture and archaeology as well as other precision applications was outside of what was financially viable for a lot of users.

That was until Emlid launched their Reach products. Starting with an inexpensive GPS / GNSS module, Emlid’s products have grown from strength to strength.

Their current lead product being the Reach RS2 – A rugged, multi-band RTK GNSS Receiver which allows for surveying with cm accuracy. While also lending itself to many other precision applications.

Emlid are constantly working with customers to provide the best user experience and support for their products. As a result, they have a number of documents, guides and video tutorials published across their web platform.

Here new customers and current users will find a brief overview of Emlid’s help and support documents.

We are always keen to provide the best possible support to any questions relating to Emlid and their products. Should you have any questions relating to Emlid, please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be very happy to discuss them with you.


Produced and uploaded by Emlid are a number of Video Tutorials and Webinars relating to their products. Whether simply performing an initial setup or something a little more complex such as placing ground control points. Emlid, has you covered.

Reach RS2 Totorials

Reach RS+ Totorials

Reachview 3 Tutorials

For a complete overview of all Emlid Video uploads. Please Follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Emlid

Technical Information

A more in depth look at the technology which GNSS (in this case, Emlid) devices use. The technology which can provide us with the most accurate position information.

Questions Before You Buy

Considering using Emlid for the first time? How can Emlid and Innovelec help you?

Choose an Emlid device

To see the differences between choosing single band and multi band please review the following article: Single Band or Multi Band?

Choose from RTK Modules or Field ready RTK Receivers

Documents, Tutorials and Tips

Emlid Documentation – Manuals, Specifications and Written Tutorials
Emlid Videos – Tutorials
Emlid Blog – Tips and Case Studies

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Choose the best product for an individual requirement. Support questions ralating to a purchase. Work directly with Emlid to answer any more advanced technical questions.

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Emlid Community

Have a specific project in mind?

There’s a good chance other Emlid users may have some experience of a similar application.

Emlid have created their community forum for users globally to share their experience and any questions they may have.

Visit the Emlid Community Forum

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Emlid Community Forum

Emlid News

Latest Emlid News on Surveying, Mapping, Agriculture and Archaeology.

What are GPS/GNSS Corrections and why do we use them?

GPS/GNSS Positioning – The Basics GPS/GNSS Satellites have extremely accurate atomic clocks on board. In essence, GPS/GNSS works by measuring the time it takes for a signal to travel between GPS/GNSS satellites and a receiver. For this position to be as accurate as possible, the receiver needs to see this information from at least four

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Emlid Launches Reach RX: pocket-sized RTK rover for $1599 / £1332

Emlid’s Reach RX is a high-performance, multi-band RTK rover with a focus on simplicity. No configuration is required to start a job, simply enter the credentials for your corrections network (NTRIP), and you are ready for work. Reach RX fits in a pocket, and you can take it anywhere to survey with centimeter precision. Pre-Order

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Emlid UK Demo Days

Emlid Demonstration Day Invite – UK / Ireland Innovelec Solutions are pleased to be able to offer a number of Emlid Demonstration Days. Emlid Days are an opportunity to view Emlid’s full product offering including any new products. During the day you will be able to review the how to and best practices for certain

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Surveying at a New Lower Price Point

Emlid Provide Low Cost Precision Surveying Solutions According to information provided by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), GNSS has been used for land survey since the 1980s, 35 years on, there are a variety of different GNSS survey solutions available. Until recently, owning Centimetre (CM) level GNSS RTK survey equipment was out of

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Emlid Launches their New Reach RS2+ with LTE

Following on from the success of their leading Reach RS2 which launched in 2019, Emlid are excited to announce the new Emlid GNSS receiver—the Reach RS2+! If you survey using 4G networks, the Reach RS2+ with an LTE modem is a go-to solution for your job. It’s the evolution of our flagship Reach RS2 receiver.

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What is NTRIP? How is it used for RTK?

In order to acheive an accurate RTK Survey, a user will need a rover and a base which transmits GNSS corrections in real time. When it comes to the base, there are three main options. A user can choose to use their own, local base which is located somewhere within the vacinity of where they

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