GO-IoT offer a Dingo Extender Board

Go-IoT an experienced manufacturer and provider of IoT Solutions are pleased to offer a Dingo Extender Board.

The Dingo Extender Board gives you:

  • Eleven USB ports
  • Two I2C ports
  • One SPI port
  • Real time clock with battery backup
  • USB to Ethernet bridge
  • Complete independence from your Host box or Host PC

Designed for use in conjunction with the Dingo Plugin modules, the Dingo Extender Board is an interface for controlling your IoT using your Windows Computer or Linux Machine.

Complete IoT system, Go-IoT offer a complete solution designed to install locally and start reading room data in minutes.

Bespoke IoT solutions, Go-IoT offer a modular solution – a Pic n Mix – businesses choose as much or as little as they require to fit individual requirements.

Available as modular Hardware, Software and Cloud, the Go-IoT solution is fully BacNet compatible, can be tailored to work with existing installations or new installations.

With Go IoT the possible applications are limited only by your imagination.

For more information about the Dingo Extender Board, please contact [email protected]

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