Helicore Antennas – Designed for UAV Applications

Maxtena’s Helicore Antennas Are Ideal For All UAV Applications. They are designed to receive GNSS signals in many different orientations such as those experienced during different manoeuvres of a UAV.

Maxtena’s Helicore Antennas enable High-precision, ultra light-weight, and easily integrated.

  • PRECISION & ACCURACY – Maxtena antennas cover the entire GNSS band.
  • WEIGHT – Ultra lightweight! 10g typical or less with housing, 2g typical no housing.
  • SIGNAL FILTERING – Maxtena active antennas have superior outer band rejection.
  • SIZE – Maxtena’s smallest multiband helicore antenna is only 22mm x 13mm.

World’s First Multiband Helical Antenna – M1227HCT-A2

  • True RTK Precision
  • Octafilar antenna technology offering up to 30dB gain.
  • Versatile, ultra light-weight, and a great value.
  • Axial Ratio is 0.5dB on both bands.
  • RF interefence rating 50 V/m out of band.
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