Innovelec are pleased to offer antenna products from SmartEQ

SmartEQ have selected Innovelec as their newest channel partner in the UK.

Innovelec Solutions are proud to announce they have been selected by SmartEQ as their newest distributor for the United Kingdom.

Smarteq develops and delivers high performing, robust and reliable antenna solutions in close collaboration with customers worldwide. Today, their main customer markets are Energy, Vehicle and Industry.

The company was founded in 1996 and was formed through acquisitions of Allgon Applications and Carant AB. Together the companies have more than 70 years of experience in developing wireless solutions.

Smarteqs product range bolsters the Innovelec portfolio and has been designed to meet the highest demands in performance and reliability. Their products are often selected by customers with high technical demands (i e rough environments or tough weather conditions) and critical applications where reliability is of high importance. Therefore we are able to supply a wide range of customers from many different markets such as forestry machinery, smart metering to luxury cars.

Smart Metering Roll-outs: Keeping the essentials running

Smarteq succeeded in enhancing its strong position within the energy sector even during this crisis, further reinforcing this position by gaining new business with new customers, providing high performing, robust antenna solutions to an essential sector in a world in crisis.

Their key product LP701 is instrumental in delivering the highest demands in performance to their customers, given the outstanding performance and robustness delivered within, making the LP701 the Smarteq-smartest choice for the 2nd ongoing Swedish roll-out, for which Smarteq has already started the first deliveries to major players in the energy industry.

Vehicle-to-Everything: The future in connectivity

Smarteq is also deeply involved in the development of the V2X communications- Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, which allows a vehicle to collect and share information with anything in the environment that affects it (other vehicles, road signs, traffic lights, pedestrians, energy grids, devices, networks and more.) Smarteq is the antenna partner of choice in the ChaseOn research program at Chalmers University and Ericsson, Keysight, Volvo Cars, and RISE.

 Applications in V2X are, e.g., • Front collision warning • Emergency brake light warning • Slippery road alert • Traffic jam assist • Vulnerable road user • Construction machines/road works • Emergency vehicles approaching.

 A breakthrough launch of this technology during 2020 is the nomination of the V2X Smarteq solution to a European vehicle manufacturer, with engineering work already started.

Coming Soon

Low Profile Tetra / GNSS Bus Antenna

Tetra GNSS Bus Antenna

SMARTEQ LPCA 10 GNSS – A low profile Tetra / GNSS Bus Antenna. Covering 380 – 410MHz as well as GPS, Glonass and Galileo.

Custom frequencies are also available (based on business case).

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