Iridium Satellite Communications

Iridium Satellite Communications – Unknown to Known.

We undertake a long commercial journey to remote locations with the trust our commercial vehicle can reach our destination. If that vehicle breaks down what do we do? There is no mobile/cell phone coverage and there are no mechanics within walking distance.

Iridium gives us the ability to talk to a mechanic from a remote location or even have them remotely access the vehicle’s systems and talk you through how to fix the problem to get you on your way. The mechanic could even be monitoring the vehicles progress remotely and be able to warn us of an issue before a breakdown occurs.

Iridium Satellite Communications – The basics

The Iridium Satellites provide a communication network which has 100% global coverage.

Not just designed to carry just voice traffic, Iridium is also capable of carrying data with newer transceivers capable of Iridium Broadband with speeds of up to 704Kbps.

Iridium – Remote Locations

When in remote locations where there is no mobile/cell phone coverage, whether this is an explorer trapped in a deep ravine, a shipping container in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there is always an Iridium Satellite which will be within range to enable a voice call or to send data back on remote performance.

Iridium Satellite Communications – How can we help?

The best, most reliable way to access the Iridium network is always the most advisable. With the Antenna being the ‘lens’ to see the system. Our manufacturers work to design superior Antenna products. Giving customers the clearest ‘view’ of the Iridium network.

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