LED Lighting Control

Powering Displays Today

The humble LED has come along way since its first commercial introduction in the 1960’s. Now these super-efficient light sources produce over 220 lumens per watt.

LCD displays use LEDs for backlighting. The industry is driving efficiencies up and adding dimming functions as standard. Now driver circuits feature high-efficiency operation with high accuracy at low dimming duty cycles. To enhance reliability, products are designed with several protection mechanisms including LED short-circuit, LED open-circuit and over-current. Kinetic Technologies offers one of the largest LED backlight driver portfolios in the industry.

Coloured LEDs are now commonplace in electrical products. Driver circuits are now enhancing functionality by providing user adjustable blick-rate control, fine-gradient fade-in fade-out, resulting in unique colour lighting patterns. Kinetic Technologies’ highly integrated RGB drivers have an on-chip timing control unit to facilitate these functions via an I²C interface. Furthermore clever multiplexed buses allow a single device to drive up to 36 LEDs (12 RGBs) with a 3x reduction in pin-count.

Camera flash and Torch technology comes thanks to super high efficiency small footprint LED driver circuits which not only provide multiple flash but preserve battery life too. Kinetic Technologies’ highly integrated, high efficiency LED flash drivers are ideal for driving up to two high-brightness LEDs with an additional front-side LED. Their small size and high internal 2MHz switching frequency minimize the design footprint.

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