Maxtena Application Note - Helicore™ Technology

Maxtena’s Helicore technology provides an extremely flexible platform for designing different antenna products where pattern, polarization purity, efficiency and size are the driving design parameters.

Cutting Edge Technology

Patented Helicore™ Technology uses air as dielectric core and minimizes typical losses associated with ceramic materials. Helicore technology is pushing antenna limits in terms of axial ratio, bandwidth, and pattern stability. The design itself allows easy active circuitry and filtering addition due to the independent nature of the feed and antenna structure.

Helicore™ Technology addresses widely known issues associated with ceramic materials and ceramic antenna manufacturing processes which create wide dielectric constant variations due to material, temperature, and humidity variations. This is reflected in reduced performance of ceramic antennas and low manufacturing yields.

Helicore™ Technology allows us to have a stable and high yield manufacturing process because the antenna core uses air as dielectric.

Key Advantages and Features

  • Active circuitry and filtering integrated with antenna
  • Differential or single-ended architecture
  • Smaller in size
  • Ground-plane independent design
  • Lighter in weight compared to ceramic solutions
  • Superb axial ratio at lower elevation angles for significant multipath rejection
  • Multiband and wideband capabilities (e.g. L1-L2, GPS-GLONASS, etc…)
  • Easily meets 200 V/m and 50 V/m susceptibility requirements
  • Superb noise figure performance


Maxtena’s technology can be used for GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO applications where size, axial ratio purity, and efficiency are very important. Helicore technology will improve the battery life of your device as well as accuracy. This technology can also be used for indoor or outdoor directional Wi-Fi applications where multipath rejection is required. Studies indicate that one can achieve higher data-rates using circularly polarized antennas.

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