Maxtena Application Note - Microstrip Technology

Maxtena’s microstrip technology offers a truly optimized wireless system. We are pioneering the optimization of the microstrip antenna by using proper electromagnetic grounding schemes to optimize the solutions for the highest efficiency and axial ratio purity.

Maxtena’s technology incorporates the ground plane and creates highly optimized solutions for your particular application. Microstrip antennas are typically low performance and do not give the desired performance to the customer in more complex integrations where the antenna ground plane is reduced or other parts of the device are interfering. This results in significantly lower efficiency and deteriorated axial ratio purity.

They offer a technology that uses an electromagnetically co-optimized antenna and ground plane combination that enhances the performance of an antenna system.

Highly Enhanced Microstrip Antenna Solutions

Our microstrip technology is typically used in devices where size is at premium and performance and battery life are secondary considerations. Typical platforms have unconventional ground planes and require a high degree of customization. Microstrip technology can be used for variety of applications associated with global navigational satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, etc.).

Key Advantages and Features

  • Antenna and ground plane co-optimization for maximum performance
  • Efficiency is as much as 40% better than the regular patch technology
  • Axial ratio purity improved by as much as 3 dB compared to conventional technology


Maxtena’s microstrip technology solutions have been integrated in more than thirty thousand devices worldwide. Some of the devices include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), animal and human tracking applications, consumer electronics and specialized military devices.

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