Maxtena Releases the M9706CWT a Rugged Low Profile Multi-Frequency GNSS Antenna for SATCOM Applications

Rockville, MD, USA – Maxtena Inc., a US-based antenna design and manufacturing company and the inventors of the patented Dynamic Aperture Technology, today released a powerful low profile multi-frequency active conformal wave antenna for the autonomous, IOT and automotive markets. The M9706CWT antenna is designed using Maxtena’s proprietary Optimized Microstrip Technology, a technology that uses an electromagnetically co-optimized antenna and ground plane combination to enhance the performance of an antenna system.

The M9706CWT antenna is a high accuracy, multi-frequency active conformal wave GNSS antenna. The revolutionary design features concurrent GNSS reception on L1: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and L2: GPS L2C, Galileo E5B, GLONASS L3OC, and L2 OF in a rugged, compact, and ultra lightweight form factor. The antenna is a perfect match for GNSS applications where size, performance and cost drive antenna selection.

The M9706CWT is built on Maxtena’s proprietary Optimized Microstrip Technology, which features 40% better efficiency and 3 dB improved axial ratio purity compared to competitor patch technology. Maxtena’s M9706CWT has unique features that make it the best option for high-accuracy GNSS applications. It offers a low axial ratio not only at the zenith, but also in other elevation angles ensuring multipath error is mitigated. With the M9706CWT full hemispherical coverage is achieved by an exceptionally large 3 dB beamwidth, ensuring the full view of sky and satellites at lower elevation angles.

Maxtena’s CEO Stani Licul said, “Maxtena has developed a very flexible platform that can address many existing challenges in the GNSS market segment. Their M9706CWT uses advanced materials to achieve maximum bandwidth and RF with super low group delay characteristics. The advanced materials used can be conformal to different surfaces thus providing a very attractive solution for the automotive, IOT and autonomous markets. The M9706CWT provides the most optimal balance in terms of efficiency, size, and power.”

The M9706CWT will be available either as an off-the-shelf antenna housed in rugged automotive grade PCB plastic with automatic grade electronics or as an embedded antenna option which is mounted on the inside of a customer’s designed enclosure.

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