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Maxtena – Advanced Antenna Solutions for GPS, GNSS, Iridium, 3G, 4G and LTE. Lightweight Helix Antennas and Optimised Microstrip Antennas.

Maxtena’s technology provides an advanced, flexible platform for developing antenna products.

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Produced and uploaded by Maxtena are Video Tutorials and Webinars relating to their products.

Maxtena Iridium Products

Maxtena Dynamic Aperture Technology

Maxtena Active GPS Patch Antennas

Technical Information

A more in depth look at the technology which Maxtena Antennas use.  The technology which can provide us with the most accurate position information.

Questions Before You Buy

Considering using Maxtena for the first time? How can Maxtena and Innovelec help you?

Choosing a Maxtena Antenna

There are four main options of antenna available from Maxtena.

Iridium Antennas – Fully Iridium Certified – Ideal for land, air and sea M2M / IOT applications.

3G/4G/5G/LTE Antennas

Microstrip Patch Antennas – Easy to integrate, Maxtena’s patches are optimised to offer the best performance

Lightweight Helical (Helix) Antennas – Perfect for applications where weight and potentially a completely uninterrupted view of the sky is an issue.

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Maxtena News

Here you will find all the latest news relating to Maxtena. In particular you will find the latest product press releases.

Maxtena Introduces LoRa Antennas

LoRa is a long range, but low power wireless technology that is increasingly being used for IoT technology. By wirelessly enabling devices and terminals to operate using LoRa technology, applications can be developed for control and monitoring without the need to use mobile cellular networks such as GSM, 3G or LTE. About Maxtena MEA-868-915-N The

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Maxtena Launches Two New 4G LTE Antenna Products

Maxtena Launches Two New 4G LTE Antenna Products Maxtena has launched two new 4G LTE antenna products. The MEA-2700-UWB-SM a high efficiency cellular wide band LTE antenna for use with all 4G LTE frequencies and the MEA-UWB-LTE-90 an ultra-wideband antenna compatible with most 4G LTE, 3G and 2G standards. MEA-2700-UWB-SM High Efficiency Cellular Wide Band

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Maxtena Introduces the M8HCT-A-SMA Advanced GNSS Antenna Featuring L1, L2 and L5

Maxtena Introduces the M8HCT-A-SMA Advanced GNSS Antenna for High Precision and Autonomous Multi-Frequency Applications Featuring L5 GPS Rockville, MD, USA – 09/16/2019 – Maxtena Inc., a US-based antenna design and manufacturing company and the inventors of the patented Dynamic Aperture Technology, will introduce the world’s most advanced patented GNSS antenna for high precision and autonomous

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Maxtena Releases the M9706CWT a Rugged Low Profile Multi-Frequency GNSS Antenna for SATCOM Applications

Rockville, MD, USA – Maxtena Inc., a US-based antenna design and manufacturing company and the inventors of the patented Dynamic Aperture Technology, today released a powerful low profile multi-frequency active conformal wave antenna for the autonomous, IOT and automotive markets. The M9706CWT antenna is designed using Maxtena’s proprietary Optimized Microstrip Technology, a technology that uses an

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Maxtena Names Innovelec Solutions Ltd. as Top Distributor for 2018

Maxtena officially announced Innovelec Solutions Ltd. as the recipient of their 2018 Top Performing Distributor Award. The decoration is given to the distribution partner with the top product sales for the year. As the recipient Innovelec was given a commemorative trophy from Maxtena to commend their 2018 sales excellence. This trophy is awarded as a

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Maxwave™ Train Antenna – Simple, Scalable Solution for High-Speed On-Board Connections

Maxtena Launches Patented Scalable 4×4 to 8×8 LTE/WiFi MIMO antenna that Enables High Speed Streaming Communications in Trains, Busses and Mass Transit Systems. PRODUCT BENEFITS The Maxwave™ 4×4 Train Antenna brings reliable high-speed wireless internet to onboard systems. Using its patented 4×4 MIMO technology, Maxwave™ enables high-bandwidth streaming communications. This exclusive rooftop antenna incorporates four

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