Maxtena – Take the stress out of embedded antennas!

Helical Antenna Integration

We really like helical antennas, and Maxtena’s Helicore antennas are ideal for custom integration.

Unlike many helix antennas, Maxtena’s Helicore Technology allows for easy integration and embedding. It typically uses a standard 3-prong connector for embedding purposes, but they can be easily customized.

GPS Patch Antenna Integration

We are experts when it comes to integrating GPS patch antennas into any housing.

We are pretty familiar with patch antennas, and we know how to get the best integration for the best price point! 

Custom Connectors

Most of Maxtena’s off-the-shelf products can be tailored to your project!

Off-the shelf antennas are great for many applications, but sometimes SMA connectors don’t cut it. When that happens, just let us know! We are able to customize our products with most standard cables and connectors.

Read Maxtena’s application notes online!

Maxtena provides guidelines for soldering and integration of both their helical and patch antennas.

Helical – GPS Passive Antenna

Patch – GPS Passive Antennas

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