Modular IoT System

A fully customisable Modular Internet of Things (IoT) System

Joining Different Protocols, using a very easy interface. All in one box! Dingo IoT Backbone, put simply, is a ‘Modular IoT Hardware System’.

The Dingo IoT Backbone consists of four interconnected electronic boards, that together, can be housed in a standard industrial DIN-Rail box. Each Layer of the Dingo IoT Backbone has a selection of boards to choose from making the Backbone fully customisable to meet different applications or needs.

Dingo IoT Backbones can be purchased as pre-assembled boxes, fitted with hardware modules and software to your specification. These will be fully tested before delivery. Alternatively, you can order Dingo hardware and box-modules as components and assemble as you need.

See the table below for more information on all the variants.

Download the Go-IoT brochure to learn more about ‘Sensor to Cloud’ solutions, the hardware and plugins here.

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DINGO 2-Station Assembly

DINGO-UB-LED_LCD-01 fitted to DINGO-CB-PI_COM1-01 and DINGO-BB-2ST-01 2 Position Base Board fitted with DINGO-PG-MBUS05 and DINGO-PG-GSM

Watch how easy Dingo is to assemble:
Dingo IoT Assembly Video

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