Cascoda Thread Evaluation Kit (EVKHAT2D)

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Cascoda Thread Evaluation Kit (EVKHAT2D) with a Raspberry Pi HAT and two Chili2D Modules

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The Cascoda Thread Evaluation Kit (EVKHAT2D) comprises of a Raspberry Pi HAT with onboard Chili2S module and two separate Chili2D modules. Both include onboard integrated antennas.

These are pre-programmed to allow rapid evaluation of Thread using the OpenThread Command Line Interface (CLI).

The Pi HAT requires a host Raspberry Pi Model 4, 3B+, 3B, 3A+ or 2B computer platform and associated power supply, display, keyboard and mouse. Furthermore it requires that the Raspberry Pi has a programmed SD card (not supplied) to include the necessary software required for the evaluation (see below).

The Chili2D modules feature a mini-USB socket and require power via this. (Note a LiPo Battery Option is available here).

Quick start guides and software downloads / images are all available free of charge from the Cascoda Github (found here).

For advanced evaluation a multi-programming cable is available separately (found here). This allows use of either a JTAG, Olimex or Nuvoton Nu-Link to program the Pi HAT Chili2S and the Chili2D modules.

  • Note: Raspberry Pi and SD Card NOT INCLUDED.
  • Cascoda Thread Evaluation Kit (EVKHAT2D)



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