DINGO-BOX-nST-01 DINGO DIN Housing Series n-Station

£30.00 Each Ex-VAT (EXW)

Standard DIN-Rail Box for 2 Station Dingo Backbone

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DINGO DIN Housing Series n-Station Overview

The Go-IoT DINGO n-Station DIN Housing Baseboard provides the base for the large range of computer boards, user interface boards and plug-in boards available in the Go-IoT DINGO mezanine modular gateway family. Above all it defines the number available positions for plug-in boards – currently 2, 3 or 4. In addition, options for relay outputs, inputs and power further expand the possibilities.

  • Standard DIN-Rail Box
  • Customisable Openings for Base Board Terminals
  • Openings for Computer Board Connectors
  • Top cover is customisable based on the User interface board chosen




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