DINGO LoRaWAN® BACnet® Advanced Gateway / Server (4-Station)

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DINGO LoRaWAN BACnet Gateway : LoRaWAN® to BACnet® Advanced Gateway / Server provides a powerful, easy to configure solution for transforming every LoRaWAN device into virtual BACnet® device. (4-Station).

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The DINGO LoRaWAN BACnet Gateway : LoRaWAN® to BACnet® Advanced Gateway / Server provides a powerful, easy to configure solution for transforming every LoRaWAN device into virtual BACnet device using the new generation of long-range and low-power wireless communication devices based on the LoRaWAN® standard, including supporting trend-logging and edge-gateway to the Cloud.

Allowing up to 2000 LoRaWAN® end nodes at distances in excess of 10km in open areas the DINGO LoRaWAN® Gateway represents a quantum leap in data logging technology.

Together with secure end-to-end encryption and robust transmission technology ensure the highest level of data integrity.

The powerful DINGO Stack software enables easy configuration without the need for lengthy and complex on-site engineer time. In addition it allows easy integration with other BACnet/IP devices on the network from any vendor.

The DINGO Stack LoRaWAN® Server also features an advanced data rate (ADR) control algorithm which constantly monitors each end node link and adapts data-rate and power level to both preserve battery life and mitigate interference.

The DINGO has two Ethernet Ports as standard for backhaul to a network or cloud server. However, optional WiFi and 4G/LTE expansion plug-in boards are available.

Finally many LoRaWAN® devices are already supported in the DINGO Stack library. However, others can be added easily. In addition, device parameters like battery-status and signal-strength can optionally be mapped to BACnet® objects for local or remote logging / surveillance.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful DINGO Stack software running on quad-core ARM processor.
  • Full BACnet/IP® and BACnet/WS® standard support.
  • Fast and cost-effective deployment.
  • Modern LoRaWAN® 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 technology.
  • Ability to work in hostile RF environments such as close to cellular mobile phones, WiFi routers, Bluetooth devices and high RF noise environments.
  • Up to 2000 LoRaWAN® devices at distances in excess of 10km (open areas) without the need for repeaters.
  • Global License-free ISM Frequency Bands.
  • Secure end-to-end encryption and robust transmission technology.
  • Advanced data rate algorithm extends end-node battery life and mitigates interference.
  • Modular hardware with many expansion options including Analog IO, Digital IO and 4G/LTE plug-ins.
  • Co-reside with Modbus/RTU, MBUS, Wireless MBUS, Thread and more, using DINGO hardware plug-ins. All mapped to virtual BACnet devices or objects.
  • Co-reside with 1Wire, Modbus/IP and short distance Modbus/RTU. All Mapped to BACnet/IP.

 Application examples

  • BMS Building / Campus Management Systems
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Large scale / metropolitan data logging and control
  • Office / Workplace Environmental Monitoring
  • Environment Monitoring (flooding etc.)
  • Street Lighting control
  • Car Parking Systems
  • Traffic Monitoring & Management
  • Waste Management

Ordering Guide

This version of the DINGO LoRaWAN BACnet Gateway comes in a 4- Station DIN Housing. However, other versions are available in 2- or 3- Station DIN Housings which allow additional functionality via DINGO Plug-ins for 2G/3G/4G/LTE, MBUS, Wireless MBUS, Opto-Isolated RS485, etc. Please enquire or see our ordering guide in the product documents section for more information.

The DINGO LoRaWAN BACnet Gateway requires a 12V DC 1.5A power source. Alternatively it can be ordered with a 90-240V AC Mains Plug-in fitted by ticking the box above.

As standard the DINGO LoRaWAN BACnet Gateway ships with a 1 year license for the DINGO Stack Base Engine, LoRaWAN Gateway, LoRaWAN Server (including ADR) and 100 BACnet objects (each node/sensor typically will require 6-10 objects – see the ordering guide for more information here). In addition it includes access to the remote DINGO Manager control and configuration dashboard plus 1 hour of remote support for your first purchase. It also includes 1 year ‘Bronze’ maintenance (software updates only). Other contracts for ongoing updates, support and configuration are available – please enquire.

LoRaWAN Band

AS920 "AS1", AS923 "AS2", AU915, CN470, EU433, EU868, IN865, KR920, US915


1/4 Wave Stub, 1/2 Wave Stub, External Blade

BACnet Objects

10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000

4G/LTE Region

EMEA, North America

SIM Type

Full Size, eSIM

WMbus Region

EMEA, North America


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