DINGO-PI-HAT Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4 HAT Series of Expansion Boards

£34.85£75.00 Each Ex-VAT (EXW)

DINGO Raspberry PI HAT Series of Expansion Boards Add Additional Features to a Raspberry Pi Model 4, 3B+ or 3B. Available in various options including Real Time Clock, DC Input, Battery Back with intelligent UPS, Cascoda Thread, DINGO Plug-in, etc.

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Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4 HAT Overview

The Go-IoT DINGO Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4 HAT Expansion Board series are designed to add extra functionality to the Raspberry PI 4 , 3B+ , 3B computer platforms.

Various options provide additional features such as Real Time Clock, Serial Interface, extra USB ports, etc.

Some of the HATs are designed to take adavantage of a single DINGO PG Plug-in Board. Choose from a range of I/O or communication specific features such as: ADC, Data over Powerline, EnOcean, HART, Homeplug, DALI, LORA, mBUS, PSU, Sigfox, ZigBEE and many more. You can find the DINGO Plug-ins here.

Available in 7 standard option configurations or custom options on request.

Standard Features

  • Raspberry PI Model 4, 3B+ , 3B Compatible
  • USB 2.0 4-pin connector
  • TTL Serial Debug Connector
  • Real Time Clock DS1339 with Battery Backup (with internal temperature sensor)
  • EEPROM 24LC32 – 4K x 8
  • I2C Port
  • Integrated Trusted Platform Module (NXP A7101CH)
  • Serial Port (up to 4 with R Pi 4)
  • 40way header to PI and 21 x GPIO Expansion Connectors
  • OS Linux Raspian – DINgo Stack
  • Size (L x W x H) 101 x 60 x 19 mm
  • Temperature -20degree C to +85degree C
  • Country of Manufacture: EU


  • ‘A’ = DC Input +12V @ 0.6A (Standard)
  • ‘B’ = Wide Range DC Input +16V to +42V (Please enquiry for availability)
  • ‘C’ = Battery Back-up with intelligent UPS and DC supply monitoring (note no battery is supplied)
  • ‘D’ = Cascoda CA-8211 Chili Transceiver Module for IEEE802.15.4 / Thread
  • ‘E’ = wMBUS Wireless MBUS Transceiver (Please enquiry for availability)
  • ‘F’ = DINGO PG Plug-in Connector
  • ‘G’ = Pulse Meter. Connects to Optical Pulse Meter via 8-way RJ45 (Please enquiry for availability)

NOTE: Some options are mutually exclusive – please enquire for more details or to discuss your needs.


A/F, A/C/F, D


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