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Dingo Software Stack

Complementing the interoprability and customisable nature of the individual Dingo Hardware components is the Dingo Software Stack.

The Peripheral Manager (DPM) manages all inputs/outputs of the DINGO as well as inputs/outputs on standard buses such as Modbus, M-Bus, USB in addition to proprietary buses.

The DPM has an API that is independent of the different drivers below: GPIO Interrupts I2C Driver 1 Wire Driver MBUS RS485 Driver USB Device Driver PINGO Driver vMbus Driver

All upper layer modules like the BACnet Server function seamlessly with any device, such as 1-Wire or I2C device below. The language is the same for both.

The BACnet software package contains:

  • A BACnet Server implementing many BACnet objects and services.
  • BACnet Client, client module to be used by programmers that want to access BACnet servers from code.
  • APDU to APDU gateway for managing slow devices running their own BACnet server instance, like PINGO slaves.
  • This module intelligently prepares values from those slow devices so they can be returned immediately on BACnet client requests.
  • Virtual Router for managing large number of BACnet objects in a single BACnet Server. It enables the grouping of objects in logical device structure rather than one big flat mesh of objects.

Configuration of DINGO is performed via Restful Web Services according to the BACnet/WS standard.
The DINGO Manager is a web-client of those services. Fully customisable web interfaces can be created if required.

The DINGO software stack implements the cutting edge technology BACnet/WS, accessible via http or https. BACnet/WS can be used by APPs or remote client/server access.


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