Emlid NAV104-KIT Navio2 Autopilot HAT Kit

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The NAV104-KIT, is a Navio2 Autopilot Hat Kit, it contains all the Emlid products designed for converting your Raspberry Pi® into a drone controller.

The  Navio2 is powered by ArduPilot and ROS.

The Navio2 Autopilot Hat Kit consists of the Emlid Navio2, Power Module, Wire Pack and a GPS /GNSS Antenna.


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Designed to amalgamate all the Emlid Navio2 components into one. The NAV104-KIT is a Navio2 Autopilot Hat Kit enables easy conversion of a Raspberry Pi® into a drone controller.

Emlid’s Navio 2 benefits from the inclusion of a GNSS receiver, Dual IMU and RC I/O co-processor.

In addition to this there is also a  high resolution barometer, extension ports and a triple redundant power supply.


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