KTD3136 High Efficiency 3-Channel LED Backlight Driver

High Efficiency 3-Channel LED Backlight Driver

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  • Wide input range: 2.7V~5.5V
  • High efficiency step-up 3-Channel LED driver
  • 3-Ch current sinks, up to 8-LEDs per string
    • Up to 29.8mA/Ch in backlight mode and up to 59.6mA/Ch in flash mode
    • +/-0.6% current matching at 20.2mA
    • +/-1.5% current accuracy at 20.2mA
  • I2C/PWM dual dimming control scheme
    • 11-bit I2C exponential or linear mapping with programmable transition ramp time
    • Wide range PWM dimming with programable transition ramp time
    • 100Hz to 100kHz frequency
    • 2% to 100% duty cycle at 20kHz
  • Programmable current sink turn on/off ramp time and shape
  • Selectable boost converter switching frequency 1MHz or 500kHz with 20% shift up option
  • Programmable input PWM hysteresis to minimize jitter at low PWM duty cycle
  • Programmable OVP (25.9V/32V) and current limit (2.6A/1.8A)
  • Programmable flash current and timeout
  • LED open/short protection
  • Status reporting through I2C interface
  • 12-ball 1.19mm x 1.64mm WLCSP or a 16-lead 3mm x 3mm x 0.75mm Thin-QFN package.



Smartphone/Tablet Backlight

Key Electrical Specifications

Vin  (Min)  Vin  (Max)  Number of LEDs/Channels   LED Channels Total Number of LEDs Brightness Control Switching Frequency (MHz) Current per Channel (Max)  Output OVP  Package 
2.7V 5.5V 8 2 16 I2C and/or PWM 1.0/0.5 29.8mA 25.9V/32V WLCSP-12TQFN33-16

Typical Application Diagram


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