KTE7000 5W Wireless Power Receiver for WPC/Qi BPP*

5W Wireless Power Receiver for WPC/Qi BPP*

*Up to 8W in proprietary modes

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  • Single-Chip Solution for 5 Watt Wireless Power
  • WPC/Qi v1.2.4 BPP compliant
  • 97% Peak Efficiency from Coil to 5VOUT
  • Full Synchronous Rectification with Low-RDSON
  • LDO Mode or PassThru Mode
    • Vout = 3.2V – 5.5V
    • Up to 1.5A peak output current
    • 2.25A short-circuit protection
  • Embedded Microcontroller and OTP Memory
  • Standard Firmware uses Resistor-Configuration
    • Custom firmware development available
  • Optional I2C Monitoring, Interrupts, and Enable
  • Proprietary Robust Over-Voltage Protection
    • Without external ISINK resistor or capacitor
  • Optional NTC Over-Temperature Protection
  • Configurable Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature Range
  • 52-bump WLCSP 2.66 x 3.90mm (0.4mm pitch)

*Up to 8W in proprietary modes


  • Mobile Internet Devices, IoT, Accessories
  • Battery Powered Medical, Industrial, Consumer
  • Wireless Headsets, Headphones, Earbuds

Key Electrical Specifications

Function Input Voltage Range
Input Integrated Voltage Clamp
Output Voltage Range
Output Power
Wireless Power Standard Package
Power Receiver 25 3.2-5.5 5 WPC/Qi v1.2.4 BPP WLCSP69-52

Typical Application Diagram


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