KTZ8850 1-Channel LED Driver plus 2-Channel LCD Panel Bias

1-Channel LED Driver plus 2-Channel LCD Panel Bias

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  • Wide input range: 3.0V~5.5V
  • High efficiency step-up LED driver with dual output regulator for LCD bias power
  • Drive up to 10 series LEDs or 2 parallel strings of 8 series LEDs
  • Backlight efficiency: up to 86%
  • Highly integrated 40V Power MOSFET
  • Flexible dimming control
    • 256-step I2C Controlled or
    • High resolution PWM from 5kHz to 100kHz
  • High accuracy across full load range
  • Programmable LED open-circuit (OVP)/Short protection
  • Low 200mV feedback voltage
  • 1MHz High switching frequency
  • Internal over voltage protection (default 36V)
  • Programmable dual Bias output regulator based on single inductor solution
  • Charge pump PFM mode at light load
  • LCD Bias efficiency up to 90%
  • Wide dual output voltage range: +/-4.0V to +/-6.3V (100mV/step)
  • Typ. 2% output voltage accuracy
  • Maximum peak output current up to 80mA
  • Active output discharge function
  • Low quiescent current
  • Cycle-by-cycle inductor current limit
  • 1 µA shutdown current
  • Pb-free Packages: WLCSP-18
  • -40°C to +85°C Temperature Range


  • Smartphone
  • Tablet Backlight
  • Netbook/Notebook Backlight
  • PDA/GPS Backlight; Portable Media Player

Key Electrical Specifications

Vin(Min) Vin(Max) Number of LEDs/Channel Channels Control Type Package
3V 5.5V 10, 8 1/2 I2C WLCSP-18 2.47 x 1.27

Typical Application Diagram


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