Tallysman TW1012 GPS L1 Embedded Prefiltered Antenna (28dB)

The TW1012 is a high performance, low cost embedded antenna covering GPS / QZSS L1 and SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS).

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The Tallysman TW1012 is a GPS L1 embedded prefiltered antenna. Designed to provide high performance at low cost.

The TW1012 covers GPS L1, QZSS L1 as well as SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS).

As a result of Tallysman‘s GNSS expertise, the TW1012 offers many benefits. These include great circular polarised signal reception, multi path rejection and out of band signal rejection.

The TW1012 features a precisely tuned, single feed, ceramic patch. In addition it also has a two stage Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) which includes a mid section SAW. Resulting in support for a great axial ratio across the full frequency.

The TW1012 also includes an LNA pre-filter, providing enhanced protection against high level sub-harmonic signals like LTE and near frequency signals such as WiFi.


  • Great axial ratio: <4dB at Zenith
  • High rejection SAW filter
  • Low current: 9 mA typ.
  • ESD circuit protection: 15 KV
  • Wide Supply voltage: fixed 2.5V to 16V

Benefits of the TW1012 GPS L1 Embedded Prefiltered Antenna

  • Low Profile: 7.25mm
  • Great multipath rejection
  • Increase system accuracy
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Great out of band signal rejection
  • Compact form factor
  • RoHS compliant


Furthermore Tallysman offer a tuning service for their OEM antennas. The performance of the TW1012 can be optimised to give the best results for an indivudual OEM installation environment.


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