Maxtena MIA-1516-C Active GPS GLONASS Patch Antenna 25mm

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MIA-1516-C, active GPS GLONASS patch antenna 25mm. Covering the GPS and Glonass global navigation satellite system (GNSS).

MIA-1516-C Active GPS GLONASS Patch Antenna 25mm Features:
GPS & GLONASS coverage
Active LNA circuitry
Custom cable/connector options
Compact size
Custom tuning

Maxtena MIA-1516-C Coverage:

Maxtena’s MIA-1516-C Suitable for:
Vehicle and fleet tracking
Military & security
Asset tracking
Embedded applications
Oil & gas industries
Navigation devices
Mining equipment
LBS & M2M applications
Handheld devices
Law enforcement

MIA-1516-C uses a semi ceramic based material. As a result this leads to higher upper hemisphere efficiency and a lower axial ratio as compared to regular patch antennas.

Maxtena‘s MIA-1516-C is a high gain antenna optimised for GPS and Glonass frequencies.


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