Maxtena SATFLEET 3IN1 Iridium/GPS/GLONASS Antenna

The Maxtena SATFleet 3in1 Iridium/GPS/GLONASS. Two separate high performance antennas. One helix Iridium enabling Voice and Data and one high gain active GPS/GLONASS antenna.

The Maxtena SATFleet 3in1 is designed for reliable Iridium network SBD/RUDICS Voice/Data mo-dem applications and provides superior call/voice quality.

The Maxtena SATFleet 3in1 measures 61mm by 116mm by 50mm.

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The Maxtena SATFleet 3in1 Iridium / GPS / GLONASS is two separate high performance antennas in one housing.

A helix Iridium antenna for Voice and Data and a high gain active GPS/GLONASS antenna.

The SATFleet 3in1 is designed for reliable Iridium network SBD / RUDICS Voice / Data modem applications and provides superior call / voice quality.

The antenna measures 61mm x 116mm x 50mm.

The SATFLEET 3IN1 Iridium GPS Glonass Fleet Antenna Features:

Frequency: 1575.42 MHz (GPS) 1602 MHz (Glonass)
Polarization: RHCP
Antenna Element Peak Gain: 5.5 dBic
DC voltage: 2.5 to 5 V
DC current: 7 mA @ 2.5 V / 11 mA @ 3.5 V
Bandwidth (-1dB): 20 MHz
LNA network gain: 34 dBi @ 2.5 V / 34 dBi @ 3.5 V
Axial ratio: 1.5 dB (typical) / 2.5 dB (max)
VSWR: 2 (max)
Impedance: 50 Ω

The Maxtena SATFleet 3in1 low profile antenna is a screw mount antenna with a rugged IP67 rated housing. As a result it is ideal for the most demanding environmental challenges.


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