Maxtena SATFLEET Active Antenna for Iridium Voice/Data and GPS

The Maxtena SATFleet Iridium/GPS. Two separate high performance antennas. One helix Iridium enabling Voice and Data and one high gain active GPS antenna.

The Maxtena SATFleet can be used to boost the performance of the Iridium handsets.

The Maxtena SATFleet measures 61mm by 116mm by 50mm.

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The Maxtena SATFLEET antenna is designed for Iridium and GPS.

The antenna has two antennas in one housing. One of these antennas is helical for Iridium. The other is an active antenna for GPS.

The Satfleet is capable of boosting the performance of iridium handsets.

The Satfleet is also very reliable when used for Iridium Short Burst Data Service (SBD) applications.

Voice calls are of the highest quality.

There is a screw thread for mounting the Maxtena Satfleet. The housing is low profile, IP67 rated.




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