RTK Corrections via NRTIP – 1 Year

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RTK Corrections – 1 Year

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RTK Corrections Via NRTIP – 1 Year

RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) corrections are a method used to achieve high accuracy in positioning by using data from an RTK base station. NRTIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) is a protocol that enables the mobile RTK GPS receiver (rover) to access data from the RTK base station over the internet.

How NRTIP Works

NRTIP allows the rover to connect to the NTRIP caster, which is usually done by the user in a simple form. Once connected, the data stream is sent to the rover receiver via serial, Bluetooth, USB, etc. The NTRIP protocol enables the rover to access the RTK base station data over the internet, achieving 1cm accuracy.

RTK Base Station

The RTK base station is set up at a known geospatial location. The base receiver continuously observes the satellites and calculates position corrections that are sent to the mobile receiver (rover) once every second in a data stream. The rover uses location information from the satellites and the base correctional data to compute a precise coordinate.

Benefits of NRTIP

NRTIP provides several benefits, including:

  • Wide coverage area: NTRIP correction services offer a wide coverage area that is not limited to a particular region.
  • Real-time corrections: NRTIP enables real-time corrections, allowing for precise positioning.
  • High accuracy: NRTIP achieves 1cm accuracy, making it suitable for applications where minor discrepancies in location data can have significant impacts.

Working with a selected partner, Innovelec Solutions are pleased to be able to offer NTRIP RTK Corrections.


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