RTKFnet RTK Corrections for Agriculture

RTKFnet RTK Corrections for Agriculture.

Compatible with ANY RTK Receiver.


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RTKFnet RTK Corrections for Agriculture

With RTK technology, the precise location of the receiver is determined by a combination of the satellite positioning received by the GPS receiver itself and a correction to that position, received from a nearby “base station”. The correction is calculated by the base station several times a second, by comparing its changing theoretical position, as received in real-time by the same satellites the receiver gets its position from, to its actual position, which is constant.

A Gateway to many tech-enabled efficiencies:
RTK guidance and accurate tractor guidance is the foundation and prerequisite to a variety of advanced precision ag technologies the farmer can then benefit from, such as VRT (Variable Rate Technology) and the implementation of GIS heat-maps generated by soil sensors as well as by drone or satellite imagery.


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