Tallysman TW7900P Passive Triple Band GNSS Antenna with L-band

The TW7900P employs Tallysman’s unique Accutenna® technology, covering GPS/QZSS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS G1/G2/G3, Galileo E1/E5a/E5b, BeiDou B1/B2/B2a, as well as SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) and L-band correction services.

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The TW7900P is a passive triple band GNSS Antenna which employs Tallysman’s unique Accutenna® technology, covering GPS / QZSS L1 / L2 / L5, GLONASS G1 / G2 / G3, Galileo E1 / E5a / E5b, BeiDou B1 / B2 / B2a, as well as SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS) and L-band correction services.


  • Axial ratio: <2 dB typ
  • Tight Phase Center Variation

Benefits of the TW7900P Passive Triple Band GNSS Antenna

  • Ideal for re-radiators
  • Increased system accuracy
  • IP67, RoHS and REACH compliant


The TW7900P provides superior axial ratio, a linear phase response, and tight Phase Centre Variation (PCV). This antenna is ideal for re-radiating systems.

Architecturally, the TW7900P features a dual feed circular stacked patch element. The input signal is split into two orthogonal feeds used to excite the dual-pin patch antenna elements. The TW7900P provides re-radiation for signals in the bands 1164MHz to 1254MHz and 1525MHz to 1606MHz.

The TW7900P Passive GNSS Antenna is housed in an industrial-grade weather-proof enclosure that can be surface mounted via magnet, screws or adhesive material



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