Protection And Monitoring

Protecting electronics from damage reduces down-time, cost and ultimately waste.

The vast majority of today’s handheld devices are powered by rechargeable batteries and are charged via a USB port.

Not all chargers are equal and they often fail. Incorporating integrated Overvoltage and Surge Protection (OVP) circuits help protect devices vulnerable to input overvoltage and current surges caused by input power supply faults. These circuits protect themselves and fragile downstream components. Kinetic devices provide robust protection against overvoltage and current surge with the smallest footprint.
USB Type-C dominates new products today. As this interface now serves as far more than just a charging port a need arises to protect data lines. Use of circuits to protect against electro static discharges (ESD), surge and overvoltage greatly enhances reliability but should not compromise performance. Kinetic devices protect USB Type C Data Lines, against ESD, Surge, and Overvoltage.
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