Salt Spray – TW3000 Family of Antennas – Tallysman Wireless

Recently, Tallysman had an independent laboratory test on their TW3000 housing for Salt Fog (Salt Spray) in accordance to MIL-STD-810F Section 509.4.

Pre-condition sample @ 35c for 2 hours prior to start of test. Expose sample to 24 hours of 5% salt fog exposure, remove sample from chamber for 24 hours of drying, place sample back into chamber for another 24 hour 5% exposure and remove from chamber for another 24 hour drying period. 4 days duration

This is a common standard of test for military grade equipment.  We are pleased to report that the TW3000 housing passed this test.  Thus, we can safely state that our TW3000 family of antennas can be considered for use in marine and coastal applications where Salt Fog / Spray is common.

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