Tallysman® Introduces a Switchable Iridium / GNSS Antenna – TW2743

Tallysman, is  pleased to  announce  the availability of  a switchable Iridium / wideband GNSS antenna. 

The TW2743 has two modes of operating: as a passive Iridium STU;or as an active GNSS antenna.

The TW2743 is  capable  of  receiving  GPS  L1,  GLONASS  G1, BeiDou  B1 and Galileo  E1  or  being  used  for  transmission  and reception  of  Iridium  signals.The antenna  is  switched  between the  two  modes  of  operation  by  varying  the  input  voltage  to  the antenna.    This antenna   employs Tallysman’s  Accutenna® technology which has proven its ability to provide truly circular response  and  low  axial  ratios  through  the  full  bandwidth of the  antenna.    This  ensures  the  delivery  of clean signals to the GNSS receiver and Iridium modem.

The  antenna  is  housed  in  an IP67  compliant, magnetic mount with  a  choice  of cable  lengths  and connectors.  It can also be ordered without the magnet and with or without adhesive tape. The antenna is REACH and ROHS compliant.

Iridium is the property and trademark of Iridium Communications Inc.

About Tallysman

Tallysman is a leading manufacturer of high performance, high quality products for a wide range of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) applications.  Tallysman’s mission is to provide GNSS antennas which meet the needs of a new generation of positioning systems providing unprecedented accuracy at ever decreasing prices.

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