YIC offers low-power GPS/GNSS modules for internet of things (IoT) Devices

Yuechung International Corp. (YIC) is offering GPS / GNSS modules to give products a competitive advantage to internet of things (IoT) applications.

YIC is a manufacturing and design company for quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, GPS/GNSS modules, GPS/GNSS receivers and RF antennas. It provides low-power solutions to for products that require frequent charging.

New from YIC — the Ultra-Low Power GPS/GNSS Module, (YIC71009EBGG and YIC71513PGMGG) — is designed as an IoT product solution, aimed at improving the operating times of IoT applications such as trackers, wearables and portable devices.

YIC are “dedicated to providing the best solution for GPS devices and sees a tremendous opportunity in the GNSS market to solve power consumption problems.”

The recent industry trend of multi-frequency GPS, low-power consumption, and dead reckoning will be advantageous to YIC in terms of high-grade products entering the global market.

YIC Ultra Low Power GPS/GNSS Modules, YIC71009EBGG and YIC71513PGMGG provide:

    Ultra-low power consumption – 6mA (Typical).
    Multi-constellation – GPS/QZSS + GLONASS.
    Small size


GPS & GLONASS Receiver Module
Ultra Low Power
PCB Mounted



GPS & GLONASS Antenna Module
Ultra Low Power
Compact Size

About YIC

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, YIC is a professional partner in frequency control, GPS/GNSS modules, receivers and RF antennas, advanced low power GPS, and small size solutions.

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